Published: 24 April 2020

Thompson's Gallery presents another edition of 'Select Reflections', this time discussing three artists from within London's Monochrome Group Exhibition (viewable online until 16th May 2020).

Written by guest contributor Quinn Whitman.


Above: Patsy McArthur, 'Metamorphosis' Charcoal on paper 31x27 inches £1900 CLICK HERE for more information

 Patsy McArthur is a Brighton-based figurative artist. McArthur received her BA
(Hons) in Fine Art from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen in 1998, and she
completed her MA in European Fine Art in 2001 at the Winchester School of Fine
Art in Barcelona. Much of McArthur's work depicts figures in motion,
demonstrating strength, power and liberation. McArthur turns to greyscale as a
means of stripping her work down to get the viewer to think critically about the
content of her images. Her piece, Metamorphosis, is one in the exhibition that
demonstrates this. Depicting a figure that has plunged into the water, McArthur
uses shades of grey to immerse the viewer in a sensation of "suspension and
weightlessness" while also encouraging the viewer to consider the "interplay of
light, color and water." This allows the audience to experience a moment of
movement between physical and psychological states.


Above: Chris Shaw Hughes 'Eden' Carbon on paper 17x24 inches £1950 CLICK HERE for more information

Chris Shaw Hughes is a Lancing, West-Sussex based artist. He studied from 2005
until 2010 at the University of Brighton, where he completed both his BFA and
MA. In his artwork, he focuses on geographical terrains that catch the viewer's
eye and force them to think about the work in front of them. Currently, Hughes
is using photography and carbon paper, which can be seen in Eden, one of the
pieces of the exhibition. In this image, Hughes is able to portray the breadth of
nature by showing a variety of foliage within one image. The greyscale of the
work prompts the viewer to think about the shapes and textures of the leaves
and tree trunks. His works encourage an aesthetic like a film negative, which
emphasize the "dark serenity" of his work.


Above: Ros Ford, 'Shelter' Etching and aquatint 18x24 inches £875 CLICK HERE for more information

 Ros Ford is a Bristol-based painter and printmaker. She completed a BA in Art
and Design in 1974 from the University of Bristol and completed MA degrees in
printmaking (1975) from the Chelsea Art School and multidisciplinary
printmaking (2008) from the University of the West of England. She also
completed an Art Teachers Certificate in 1976. Her most recent works are
etchings based on "hidden industrial landscapes" located nearby her home. One
example of this is Shelter, which is a part of the Monochrome group exhibition.
The image depicts a disused structure, which looks somewhat like a greenhouse,
to be overtaken by foliage and falling into disrepair. The image follows an overall
trend with her etchings, whether they be in color or in greyscale, where straight
lines are used to emphasize the rigidity of the main structure.


The 'Monochrome' group exhibition is online until 16th May for Thompson's Gallery London. Get in touch with questions and interest, or dial +44(0)207 935 3595.