Published: 8 June 2018

It's been an exciting month already, with June only just begun. We've enjoyed a great response to Richard Twose's solo exhibition 'In Flux'. Thanks to all who visited thus far, and don't forget to pay us a visit on the final day tomorrow, 9th June.

Above: In situ shots of 'In Flux' by Richard Twose - concludes 9th June 2018 on Seymour Place

We're looking forward to welcoming more guests across the summer on Seymour Place, with the sculpture courtyard gaining buzz in the local area of Marble Arch.

'Open Garden' welcomes all visitors to 3 Seymour Place throughout the summer season

We were excited to have exciting influencer Ayushi of The Foodie Diaries drop in this week for a tour and debrief of the year's program in London. Keep an eye out for her destination map of Marble Arch and larger London down the line. 

Food and Culture influencer and owner of @the_foodiediaries (IG) +, Ayushi Gupta

Next week promises yet another flurry of activity, as a three-painter exhibition 'Observing Life' debuts featuring all-new paintings from Simeon Stafford, Charles Jamieson and Toby Boothman. Stafford's popular naive style brings a lighthearted joyous air, while Boothman's yacht scenes range from dramatic waves to placid coasting; Jamieson delivers fabulous and serene landscapes from Europe and furhter afield. 

Simeon Stafford's 'Out with Dad' - Oil on board, part of 'Observing Life' - opens 13th June at Thompson's London

Toward the end of the month we'll be making an exciting announcement - we're planning to roll out an events series on Seymour Place for collectors new and seasoned alike. Think socializing, with an art education twist! Stay tuned...