Published: 11 July 2017

Summer has truly arrived here in London with Simeon Stafford's latest paintings. 


Simeon Stafford is an observer of everyday life, his paintings are crammed full of incidents and accidents, bustling scenes of human interaction. Every inch of the canvas is full of activity and life, represented in thick, luscious paint.

When studying the crowds in Simeon's scenes, re-occurring figures can be discovered, skipping Ruby with pig-tails, Eric and his tractor, Dot, the little girl cart-wheeling across the canvas (his aunt as a child) sometimes a man with red stripy trousers marching through a crowd, leading a small boy by the hand, (the artist with his son). These charcaters represent the thought, care and skill in which Stafford paints in these aesthetically naive, but remarkably considered scenes.


The Cornish landscapes of his adopted home (having re-located from Dunkinfield in 1996) provide the perfect setting for Stafford to express joy and spontaneity in these nostalgic, distinctive scenes.

New arrivals by Simeon Stafford are available to view at 3 Seymour Place, London, W1H 5AZ. Contact us for more details.