Published: 20 September 2017

It's that time again here in London as The Autumn Exhibition opens today! With over 40 artists and new 100 paintings and sculpture, this year's instalment is our biggest yet. With the huge array of art on show, we thought we'd share our views on how we curate such a large and varied exhibition.

Trying to accommodate such differing styles can seem like a daunting prospect, however, we embrace the challenge head on and clear the gallery completely, to start with a blank canvas. We then bring out all of the artworks and make our selections based on the balance of the room visually. This can occur with tonal, thematic and even textural similarities between works, creating a flow for the audience as they engage with the exhibition. On the other hand, we also group works that are very different in aesthetic, creating punctuations and quirks in the show to break up sections of the gallery or create a focal point of interest, giving space to other pieces.

In a show as big as The Autumn Exhibition, we are also able to hang paintings together from varying periods of time, or schools of teaching. For example, this year we have a section dedicated to Modern British artists with Edward Seago, Mary Fedden, Fred Cuming and Fred Yates all together. This gives us the chance to interact with our visitors, many of whom are familiar with these names, and some who are not, and share our knowledge of 20th century British painting, as well as the contemporary artwork we showcase.

We are also passionate about introducing new artists to a wider audience and enjoy seeking out new names to include in our group shows. By interspersing these new additions among familiar names such as Robert Kelsey, Aldo Balding and Muriel Barclay, we are able to showcase the very best of what we represent as a gallery, where the traditions and techniques of our artists inspire and influence a new generation. Sometimes this is a visual familiarity such as with Lewis Hazelwood-Horner and Emma Jeffryes, or a flair for originality like Tyrone Deans and Michael Restrick

Ultimately, the show is as good as the art that's created for us, and we're fortunate that our artists always produce brilliantly engaging pieces for us. We try to enhance the work by curating the show in a way that is interesting and exciting for our visitors. Come along to 3 Seymour Place and see for yourselves!


The Autumn Exhibition is on at 3 Seymour place from 20th September – 7th October 2017.

For more information please contact or call 0207 935 3595