Published: 28 February 2020

Have you ever fallen absolutely in love with a piece of art, and couldn't stop thinking about it? Time and again the story goes: a chance encounter, a heartbeat skip, a dream of owning the artwork and seeing it every day... then the fantasy stops there thanks to your wallet. OwnArt exists to stop this heartbreak. Thompson's Gallery are here to clue you in to the best kept secret in art buying - OwnArt breaks payments into 10 months, interest-free. That means you can fall in love and stay in love, with art you can't afford to miss.

OwnArt is a UK Arts Council loan scheme which breaks artwork purchases into 10 monthly payments without interest. Thompson's Gallery is proudly OwnArt registered, as are many galleries throughout the UK. This post breaks down the requirements and how applications work.

OwnArt Requirements & Process
1) Artwork acquired by OwnArt must be made by a living British artist.
2) The client (the OwnArt applicant) is led through a 20-30 minute application process by the gallerist (the OwnArt salesperson). ID, proof of address, and bank card is needed (no credit cards, debits only).
3) OwnArt provides a decision instantly.
4) Successful applicants may take their new artwork home on the spot.
5) Payments come out via direct debit for 10 months in a row, interest-free.

Never miss out on a chance at love with art. Ask Thompson's staff about OwnArt next time your heart leaps for a piece in Aldeburgh or London!

Email us anytime about OwnArt, we're happy to help.