Published: 26 June 2019

Thompson's Gallery are pleased to participate in this week's FFS (Fair For Saatchi) from 26-30 June, exhibiting a great range of artwork on Stand 9. 

Above: In situ on Stand 9 for Thompson's Gallery, FFS- Including Peter Wileman, Ania Hobson, Pierre Yermia and Hennie Niemann Jr (to list a few)

Saatchi Gallery will play host to over 15 galleries from across England, Europe and further afield. Visitors will delight in a vast range of exciting contemporary and Modern British artworks for sale. 

Above: Detail shot on Stand 9, Thompson's Gallery - Paul Wright's new paintings will debut at FFS in Saatchi Gallery

The full list of artists exhibiting with Thompson's this week are: Michael Adamson, Matthew Alexander, Pierre Yermia, Carol Peace, Paul Wright, Peter Wileman, Ania Hobson, Lewis Hazelwood-Horner,  Tony de Wolf, Hennie Niemann Jr, and Carl Melegari.

Above: More on Stand 9, (L to R) including Lewis Hazelwood-Horner, Matthew Alexander, Paul Wright, Tony de Wolf, Michael Adamson, Pierre Yermia and Carol Peace

Visit us at Saatchi this week, tickets are available online at FFS official website. View the entire stand's offerings HERE and email us with all questions and interest at (or call +44(0)2079353595.