Published: 18 April 2020

Ahead of the online debut of the new Lewis Hazelwood-Horner solo exhibition 'Real Life' on 20th May 2020, Thompson's Gallery present behind-the-scenes imagery and footage detailing the young artist's painting process (courtesy of William Bloomfield).

(Above: Click the Thumbnail image above to view Hazelwood-Horner's every brushstroke in the making of 'Sunday Salmon', a painting exhibiting in the new solo exhibition 'Real Life' at Thompson's Gallery London)

Hazelwood-Horner has long grativated to areas of high traffic and gathering about his home city of London, seeking to capture the buzz and energy on canvas. The draw to Billingsgate Market for paintings such as 'Billingsgate Crab Seller' (below) and 'Sunday Salmon' (also below) was made obvious in the detailed rendering of the fishmongers' wares and kit, down to the proud expression on their faces hoisting fresh catches for sale.

(Above: A snap of the sunrise as Hazelwood-Horner enters the venue early on a weekend morning, showing quite the amount of commitment to arrive when the vendors do! Image courtesy of William Bloomfield.)

The result of patient hours spent, applying layer after layer of strokes bringing detail to the fore is satisfying for the artist and truly stunning to take in as a viewer. Below the completed 'Billingsgate Crab Seller' and 'Sunday Salmon' shine in their own right as homages to the trade and quality of Britain's fish supply.

(Above: Top, 'Billingsgate Crab Seller' by Lewis Hazelwood Horner, 18x44 inches, £4000
Lower: 'Sunday Salmon' by Lewis Hazelwood-Horner, 26x50 inches, £6250 | Both exhibiting in the new Thompson's solo exhibition 'Real Life')

Lewis Hazelwood-Horner savours the process of painting on site with his subjects, from start to finish. The camaraderie enjoyed between sitter and artist is irreplaceable and stands the test of time, transmitting stories and lore by osmosis onto the painted surface. After hours spent together chatting and working in equal measure, both parties walk away with a strong bond that remains intangibly via acquaintance and monumentalized by the completed artwork.

(Above: Lewis Hazelwood-Horner shares a smile and laugh with his modeling fishmonger in Billingsgate market, image courtesy of William Bloomfield)

Enjoy a time-lapse film of Lewis Hazelwood-Horner's every brushstroke in the making of 'Sunday Salmon' HERE at Thompson's Galleries YouTube account. Subscribe to the gallery channel for all exclusive artist and studio content.


(Above, L to R: 'Oyster Impasto' Oil on canvas 16x16 inches £2100  |  'Eel, Oysters & Citrus' Oil on canvas 16x12 inches £1900  |  'Carrots & Crabs' Oil on canvas 15x18 inches £2100)

Of course, the artist comes home with treasures from every visit to a marketplace, namely the fruits of Billingsgate which afford some spectacular still life works, also debuting in 'Real Life' online for Thompson's Gallery on 3rd to 19th June.

Register interest in 'Real Life' and the paintings of Lewis Hazelwood-Horner by contacting the gallery at or +44(0)207 935 3595.