Alan Stratford's life as an artist really began when in 2002 I moved to Somerset from London, following an 18-year career in graphic design. He left the graphics industry in 2013 and opened his own art gallery in Wells, but his real passion has always been painting.

After selling the gallery in 2017, Stratford moved to Cornwall to paint full-time. Inspired by the beauty of the Cornish landscape and the everchanging drama of the sea and sky, he endeavours to create works which are both evocative and atmospheric.

In 2019, Stratford won the 'Artist of the Year' award sponsored by Artists and Illustrators magazine for a painting entitled 'That Certain Smile'. The picutre of a young woman was a complete departure from his usual semi-abstract landscapes and has led to numerous commissioned portraits of not only people but also horses.

Alan Stratford loves to explore new subject matters and painting styles, either figurative or abstract, continually striving for the perfect balance of asthetic appeal and artistic merit.