Renowned British painter Aldo Balding currently lives and works in the South of France. He began his career as an illustrator before relocating to France in pursuit of painting full-time. Balding is represented worldwide in galleries across the UK, USA, France, and South Africa. Balding paints open-scenario moments in everyday life- a couple at a café, someone waiting by a fountain, figures lost in contemplative isolation. The artist believes that body language outweighs words when communicating feeling or intention, and thus takes to the canvas to tell his captivating, open ended stories.

 Artist Statement

"I consider myself a tonalist painter, though colour is another tool I like to employ to influence mood. I look for colour harmonies that already exist in the subject. I tend to squint a lot when painting, as this helps to simplify everything... I see things within a hierarchy- the sharpest edge, the lightest part, the order of things. That is what I'm searching for.."

 Painting Style

Aldo's painting style is romantic, narrative and almost cinematic. The artist prefers to limit his colour tones, rarely exceeding five to six at any one time. This tendency is also associated with tonalist painters like Sargent, Sorolla, Zorn and Munnings; Balding's purpose is to create palpable mood with this tonality. The inspiration behind many of Balding's scenes are moments the artist has witnessed himself in daily life. He photographs and reconstructs these scenarios in the studio with the use of models and sketches, eventually reaching the painting stage where he deploys a wet-into-wet technique, optimizing the smoothness of the overall image. Balding is popular with audiences for his high level of painterly skill and draughtsmanship, as well as his pleasant and beautiful subject matter.

Awards & Articles

Aldo Balding has been awarded 'Best of Show' in the Boldbrush Competition (2013), was an Arc Salon Finalist in 2004, 2006 and 2016, and took first prize in the NSE Exhibition and Artist International competition. He has been featured in the following articles:

  • Artist & Illustrators (February 2014, April 2011, September 2010, May 2009 and June/July 2003)
  • The Artist Magazine
  • Poets & Artists Magazine
  • American Art Collector
  • Artist International (Front cover, Issue 22; 5-page feature, Issue 27)