Andrew Squire

Artist Biography

Andrew Squire has travelled and exhibited widely across the world, with recent shows residencies in Iceland, Glasgow, Canada, London, and Nepal. The artist's practice is centered around the aspects and complexities of humankind's interaction with nature. Graduating from the Manchester University School of Architecture in 1979, Squire went on to join the Transmission Artisst's Collective in Glasgow during his early career. The artist completed multiple residencies around the world, honing his personal style and expanding his views on environmental crises and wildlife conservation. Squire's distinctive paintings draw a large crowd to Thompson's Galleries, for their bright pigment and consistent featuring of a variety of animals.

Painting Style

Andrew Squire's style is deceptively simplistic, but loaded with commentary on Earth's current environmental issues. Primarily depicting animals in pairs or isolation on a solid colour plane, Squire places emphasis on the figure and possible narrative developing around it- is it happy, sad, lost, hunting, meandering? The artist posits interesting scenarios with animals situated in modern cityscapes, as well; his most recent two-person exhibition at Thompson's explored partly humorous, partly ominous setups in which wild animals collided with or existed within brightly coloured manmade structures.

Awards & Distinctions

Andrew Squire has completed artist's residencies all over the world, including:
The Siddhartha Art Gallery in Kathmandu
Pouch Cove Foundation, St. John's, Newfoundland
Akureyri Arts Centre, Iceland

Andrew is a director of Lochaber Environmental Group and previously worked for Key Housing Association and ASSIST Architects Co-Operative.