"My paintings are mostly figurative, imaginative and essentially narrative. If I can awaken in someone an event or emotion to which they can relate, I have succeeded. Basically, the story line within the painting is secondary to the motivation it provides to create through design, harmony and colour, an emotional atmosphere or mood - whether serious or whimsical. This partly abstract approach can imbue the viewer with feelings more intense than those evoked by mere illustration.

 I like to pursue an idea to a conclusion that seems to have an inevitable end, as though the painting has always existed in an eternal sense. These ideas may have come from many disparate sources such as photographs, memories or a spoken phrase. So my challenge is to tell, through a stylised and sometimes decorative manner, a little story in an intriguing way!"

 1955 - 1959 Kingston School of Art (now Kingston University)

Studied graphic design, stained glass, silkscreen printing, lithography and photography

 1962 - 1977 Worked in advertising, specialising in packaging graphics

 1977-1982 Designed and made toys and decorative furniture

 1982 Started painting


 Brandler Gallery, Brentwood Bow House Gallery, Barnet, Herts

Duncan Miller Gallery, Hampstead

John Russell Gallery, Ipswich

Mall Galleries, London

Gallery 96, Cambridge

Teddington Art Fair, Middx

Wiseman Gallery, Oxford

Hicks Gallery, Wimbledon Field Dalling, Norfolk

Battersea Art Fair

Chase Art Gallery, Cornwall

Karen Taylor Gallery, St Margaret`s

The International Art Gallery

London Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Eton

 1990 Royal Academy Summer Show

1995 Royal Academy Summer Show


Bob`s paintings can be found in European and New York private collections.