About Emma Jeffryes

Emma Jeffryes lives and works in St. Ives, where her environment inspires endless creative production. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Emma applied her training in textile design to create distinctively bright, nautical paintings in flattened perspective. Beaming with every variety of blue across the spectrum, Jeffryes' work sparks recollection of coastal getaways and afternoons hypnotized by the tides.


1985 St Georges School, Harpenden 1987 Watford College of Art & Graphic Design 1992 Middlesex University - BA Hons Printed Textiles 1994 The Royal College of Art - MA Printed Textiles

Artist Statement

"The challenge for me is to capture the beauty of the sea and surroundings, as well as creating works that are individual, fresh, alive and considered in terms of form, colour and space. Ten years on from first discovering St Ives, I am just as captivated by it."