Emma McClure was born in 1962, and educated at Falmouth School of Art (1980-1), before moving on to a BA honours degree in Painting at Winchester School of Art. in 1985 McClure completed her MA at Chelsea School of Art in London.

She has participated in many exhibitions up and down the country and was `Artist of the Day` at Flowers East, London 1986. Other exhibitions include the Contemporary Art Society (1988), Art for Sale, Art in Focus (1994), Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (1999). She has also shown at a number of prominent private galleries.

McClure`s latest work is based upon her recent trip to Southern India. She has incorporated the impressions, images and motifs of the culture of the area in spacious and beautifully composed, peaceful scenes. Her faux-naïve style wonderfully complements both the composed image and the subject of the paintings.