Jackie Lowman is a contemporary mixed media artist painting a variety of subjects in an expressionist style.

Lowman's work has been described as atmospheric, incorporating light, movement and a touch of mystery. It all starts with an idea or thought, which often comes to her during daily walks with her dog. As they enjoy the Cornish countryside and ancient woodland, she gathers inspiration as well as the leaves, ferns, lichen, and seeds that she uses to create the texture in her work. Back in her studio, these organic items are used along with texture pastes, papers, gold leaf and more to create her pictures.

Once the texture is in place, Lowman use acrylic inks to introduce colour into the painting. She admires their vibrant, jewel-like colours and the way the detail of the texture seems to magically appear once they have been applied.

Lowman's paintings very often develop organically as the interaction between the inks and the texture can influence the way the painting progresses, making each one unique.