Jo Taylor

Artist Biography

Jo Taylor was born in 1969 in Lancashire and obtained her degree from Leeds Metropolitan University from 1988 to 1991. Taylor completed an artist's residency at the University of Liverpool's Department of Veterinary Science, where she developed a strong understanding of animal anatomies (equestrian, in particular). Taylor is the first female artist to have exhibited her work at the Jockey Club, a milestone testament to her unparalleled ability to render horses and their electric spirit. Jo exhibits regularly with Thompson's Galleries in both the Aldeburgh and London locations, with appearances on the stand at art fairs such as Affordable, London and FRESH Art Fairs.

Artistic Style

Jo Taylor's artistic style is rooted in a scientific, anatomical understanding of the horse, its movements, silhouette and composition. Taking these renderings outside of mere representation, Taylor infuses her pictures with a gestural, artistic essence with the use of colour washes, bold and dynamic line, and nebulous, dreamlike backgrounds. Opting for passages of colour instead of literal line to build the horse's image, Taylor removes the picture of a horse from its usual illustrative context and into a realm of imagination and expression. Often included in Taylor's motifs are the slightest suggestion of a jockey's outline atop the back of a speeding horse. Taylor has a versatile skillset, working across many media including oil, watercolour, charcoal, ink, acrylic, and wax.

Collections & Media

Jo Taylor's work is held by a number of distinguished collections, including:

  • Lady Huntingdon
  • The Duke and Duchess of Bedford
  • The King Ranch, Texas
  • Lord and Lady Oaksey
  • The Duke and Duchess of Westminster
  • Liverpool University
  • Nicky Henderson
  • The Earl Cadogan
  • Dalham Hall Stud, Suffolk
  • Plantation Study, Suffolk
  • The National Centre for Zoonotic Research
  • Mrs. D. Nicholson

Jo Taylor's work has also been featured on notable media sources such as The Observer, BBC, The Times, Channel 4 Racing, At The Races, Horse & Hound, and Country Life.

Exhibition History:

2017 8th- 25th November "Upon the winds and waves", Thompson's gallery London