Joanna Commings was born in London. Her father was an artist, and she has been painting and drawing over her whole life.

Commings originally specialised in portraiture, but her passion for landscape began with a move to North Cornwall in 2002, when she discovered the rough and rugged landscape for the first time and wanted to try to capture it on canvas in all weathers and seasons. She moved to Somerset in 2015 and finds the gentler but varied landscape of equal inspiration. Commings now combine trips for inspiration to Cornwall with walks and excursions through the very varied Somerset scenery.

Commings is an intuitive painter. What motivates her is atmosphere; the changing effects of light on the landscape: sunlight through foliage, clouds over moorland, reflections of trees and sky on canal or river, effects of the seasons and weather, the movement and colour of the sea and immobility of the cliffs. She searches for what it feels like to be in a place and I am increasingly drawn to an abstract interpretation. Commings works mainly in acrylics, which she appreciates for their versatility -- on canvas, board, or, rarely, watercolour paper.

A member of Creative Coverage, Commings's work is exhibited at galleries in London, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Somerset, and Hampshire.