Lesley Taylor creates mixed media three dimensional sculptures which defy description. She usually begins by sketching her ideas on paper, then sculpting her characteristic figures using chavant clay, a plasticine-like material that can be endlessly reworked. The final figures are then cast in resin and painted brilliant white, set against a pure white background and placed within a white box frame alongside other materials including clay, wood, string or plastic depending on the piece. The work is then set off with a splash of brilliant colour, all the better to offset the whiteness and bring the figures to life within their tableau.

Lesley says of her work 'I love working in three dimensions and especially love the play of light with shadow. Each piece tells a story, but I like to leave a lot to the imagination of the viewer'. Her love of art was quashed early in life when her parents decided that art was not a subject to be taken seriously. 'You'll never make a career for yourself in art' she was told. Leaving her native Manchester in 1978, Lesley has lived most of her life in the south of England, now based in a village in West Sussex called Warnham. 'My studio is based in our garden, which means I have the luxury of watching the wildlife all day long' she says. It is here that she creates her unique three dimensional works, each of which seeks to capture a moment in time and tell a story.

Lesley's work is shown in galleries across the UK and Thompsons is delighted to call her a gallery artist. Despite her humble beginnings Lesley has made a career as a professional artist, finding a niche for her unique and humourous sculptures and building a loyal following of fans since 2011. A Lesley Taylor piece in the window always guarantees a crowd, and few walk away without a smile on their face.