Michael G Clark

Artist Biography

Scottish painter Michael G Clark was born in Ayr in 1959. He obtained his BA (Hons) degree at the Edinburgh College of Art from 1979-1983, going on to pursue his love of film at the BBC in Glasgow. Michael left the BBC to move to London in 1989, where he worked as a freelance Art Director and illustrator. During these years Michael Clark also created and sold oil paintings with much success. Michael has exhibited in solo and mixed shows at galleries across the UK in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oxford, Suffolk and Norfolk. In 1999 Clark returned to Scotland with his family, where he continues to live and paint in his Ayrshire studio overlooking the River Doon.

Artist Statement

"The familial elegance of Paris and Bordeaux, the muffled conversation of the market place, the shaded restaurant terrace, the deserted village street at l'heure de repas or the vines and sunflowers absorbing the still, warm air. The harmony of the classical, the chic, the casual, the culinary, the charming. The romance of France is in his heart and has been since his first visit to Paris nearly thirty years ago, and his affectionate and atmospheric images of everyday life in that country are at the core of his work. He is a natural flaneur, a talented cusinier, and an enthusiastic bon vivant and he indulges and refreshes those instincts each year on working visits to Paris, Provence and the Sud Ouest. It is our good fortune that he then generously and skillfully shares them with us on paper and canvas".
-David Brown, on Clark's practice

Artistic Style

Taking from the Scottish Colourist tradition, Michael G Clark produces flattened scenes of everyday life with swathes of vivid colour. Influenced heavily by his travels about Paris and the South West of France, Clark ranges in depiction, from tranquil moments in lush park greenery to bustling streetcorner café's and markets. Picking up on the small and beautiful details of daily living, Clark renders moments in time that reach far beyond a mere pretty picture. Standing strong against a colour-blocked background, the figures and objects in Clarks paintings vibrate with contrast and an energy of their own.

Michael G Clark is considered one of Scotland's most popular painters for his unique yet classic style, rich palettes, and bold contrasts. One need not leave Scotland to experience the beauty of Paris or South West France; Clark's paintings transport audiences in an instant. Clark continues to innovate and push the power of his scenes with complex layering of perspective, active figures, and excellent execution of shadow and light.

Past Solo Exhibitions

Recent exhibition: 'Avec Amour' London

19 June 2019 - 6 July 2019

In an era where fear claims headlines and division pervades conversation, painter Michael G Clark makes a case for the opposite - With Love. Most commonly used as an affectionate sign off, 'Avec Amour' is the perfect phrase to lead audiences into an exhibition which uplifts, unifies, and celebrates togetherness in all forms.
Painted in some of the artist's favourite locations around France and Italy, 'Avec Amour' whisks viewers from the Champs-Élysées to sunrise in Venice, on to quiet cafes in Le Marais and the side streets of Saint-Germain. By lifting spirits, encouraging enjoyment and reminding all of the lighter side to life, Michael G Clark's exhibition offers an oasis of calm.

2019 Thompson's Marylebone, London 'With love',
2018 Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh, 'Amour Amore'
2918 John Davies Gallery, Moreton on Marsh
2017 Thompson's Marylebone, London, 'A Sense of Place'
2016 Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh, 'A Tale of 2 Cities'
2015 Thompson's Marylebone, London, 'Beaucoup d'Amour'
2015 Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh, 'Café Society'
2015 Lemond Gallery, Glasgow, 'Collection'
2014 Lime Tree Gallery, Long Melford, Suffolk, 'A Painter's Palette'
2014 Lemond Gallery, Glasgow, 'Joie de Vivre'
2013 Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
2013 Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh, 'Menage'
2012 Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh, 'Quintessentially French'
2011 Bath Contemporary, 'L'Alliance'
2011 Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol
2011 Thompson's Marylebone, London, 'Entente Cordiale'
2010 RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow, 'A Very French Affair'
2009 Bianco Nero Gallery, Stokesley
2002 Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
1996 and 1998 Sally Hunter Fine Art, London


Michael G Clark has won numerous honours and awards throughout his career, including:

  • Artists Surfaces Award at the Paisley Art Institute Annual Exhibition
  • The Jamieson Award at the 2011 Scottish Drawing Competition
  • Winsor and Newton Award at the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour
  • The Wren Gallery Award (twice) for Still Life Painting at the Paisley Art Institute
  • The Sunday Times/Singer Friedlander Watercolour Prize
  • Art Hire Prize, Paisley Art Institute Annual Exhibition
  • Runner-Up, Aspect (Kennox) Painting Prize
  • Elected RSW (2014), PAI (2012), Artist Member Glasgow Club (2005), Professional Member of VAS (2005) and Member of RSW Council