Canadian painter Michael Adamson, b. Toronto 1971, studied at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada (1993-97), Universitat Kunshochschule, Kassel, Germany (1996) and Ryerston University, Toronto, Canada (1991). Adamson's academic career spanned various media including photography, video and painting, providing him with a platform to develop his own rich visual language, clearly aided by his intrigue and deep understanding of art history and its relationship with contemporary painting. Michael creates a balance between conceptualism and expressionism, abstraction and landscape, making each painting pleasantly difficult to categorize.

Artist Statement

''I am interested in teasing out the connections between seemingly disparate artists, such as the cave painters of Lasceaux and contemporary muralists like Katerina Grosse, or impressionist Claude Monet and serial abstractionist Pia Fries, in an attempt, not to level out painting, but to encourage cross fertilizations which, hopefully, will reinvigorate community and the appetites for the kind of nourishment found in good painting".

Painting Style

Michael Adamson is an artist with as much appeal globally as in his home county of Canada, where he is a beloved figure of the contemporary art scene. His expressive, joyous style is apparent in the physicality of his work where is love of both the practice and study of painting is evident in every piece he creates.

'The modern landscape is an invitation to look at everything.'

With his skillful application of paint and considered yet uncompromising use of colour, he has crafted unique style which is internationally recognised, having successfully exhibited in London, Toyko, New York, Canada and the USA.

Exhibiting History

Michael Adamson is one of the most in demand artists for private commissions with works in collections in Switzerland, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, USA, and the UK. Selected public and corporate collections include Sir Paul Smith, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal and many more. Thompson's Gallery first encountered Michael at the Toronto Art Fair, and have been showing his works ever since with the number of collectors increasing every year.

Adamson has seen major success in solo exhibitions in the UK, Sweden and across Canada and has gained greater exposure in art fairs around the world, as well as in group exhibitions thorough his career.