Michael Restrick

Artist Biography

Restrick began his training at Reading College before continuing his studies at Winchester School of Art under the critical eyes of Ian Dawson and Jim Unsworth. Whilst on an exchange program in New York he developed an understanding of conceptual art practise under the mentoring and guidance of the highly regarded Roy Nicholson.

Painting Style

Through a series of removed and replaced studies, Restrick's process infuses sculpture, drafting, and portraiture to build up to the finished product. By virtue of Restrick's process, each portrait encapsulates a multitude of fleeting moments, feelings and thoughts unique to each subject. Restrick pushes beyond the physical and experiments with more expressive techniques to portray the raw personal traits of the individual, combining portrait motifs with geometric shapes. Colour is used as a tool to powerfully convey a sense of mood/tone within each painting. 

Artist Statement

"I have a strong urge to create whether that be painting, sculpting or writing. I believe that everything informs the other, nothing is created in isolation."

Exhibiting History

Affordable Art Fair Battersea - London - Thompson's Gallery, Stand D3 - October 2018

Thompson's Gallery 'Autumn Exhibition 2018' - September 2018