Nael Hanna

Artist Nael Hanna

Nael Hanna was born in Nineveh, Northern Iraq in 1959. The artist grew up in a diverse mix of culture - Iraqui, Greek, and Syrian Christian Orthodox - and took to drawing wildlife and people from a young age. At just 19 years of age, Nael was drafted into the army to serve in the Iraq-Iran war shortly after entering college. During his service, Nael was granted a scholarship by the Ministry of Education in Baghdad to study art in Britain. In 1983, Hanna studied art and language courses in Southampton before his acceptance to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee. During his fine art training, Nael fell in love with the East coast of Scotand, for its dramatic scenery and unpredictable weather. After graduating with Honours in 1989, Nael went to Florence on another fine art scholarship, awarded by The Royal Scottish Academy. Nael's deep love of nature and travel are the primary influences upon his painting today, as he lives and works from his countryside home in Angus, Scotland.

Nael Hanna Style

Nael Hanna developed his expressive, near-abstract painting style over a course of years while travelling across the world. Each location and its unique offering of nature provided inspiration for new palettes, textures, and compositions. While there is a clear connection to the Scottish Colourists in Nael's work, the artist distinguishes himself as absolutely contemporary and adventurous through his innovative method of colour mixing, application (including, for instance, mark-making with the blunt end of his paintbrush for added texture), and subject matter (from the crowded streets of Jerusalem to the solitary quiet of Scottish fishing harbours).

Nael Hanna Honours & Awards

Nael Hanna is the recipient of many scholarships and honours throughout his career:
Ministry of Education, Baghdad: Britain art study scholarship
Hospitalfield Summer School, Arbroath: Fine art study scholarship
Firsts Class Honours, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee (1989)
The Royal Scottish Academy John Kinross Scholarship: Florence fine art studies
Exhibitor: RGI, RSA, SSA, and SSAC

Where to buy Nael Hanna's work

Thompson's Galleries have worked with Nael Hanna for a number of years, exhibiting his works widely at art fairs and both gallery locations. Nael Hanna takes part in group and solo exhibitions at the Aldeburgh and London gallery spaces, where his latest and finest paintings can be seen and acquired.