Norman Smith moved from his home county of Berkshire to study Art and Design at Bristol. Here he gained his qualifications as a teacher, a career he pursued until 1987 when he turned his hand to painting professionally. In between his years of teaching Norman travelled extensively through India, The Far East, eventually settling in Western Australia where he lived and worked for three years.

Norman is probably best known for his works in pastel and was elected to the Pastel Society in 2000. With a palette of bold, gentle and expressive colours, a vigorous and solid application of his medium, coupled with an accomplished draughtsmanship, Norman captures both the changing mood of the landscape; the tranquility and warmth of a Tuscan field, the atmosphere and movement of a coastal storm; and the drama and intensity of a burning sunset.

In more recent years Norman has sought to reassess his unique approach to oil painting. In seeking to bring a fresh intensity and impact to his subject matter Norman has developed works with a new density and texture. The artist has sought to disrupt the smooth nature of the canvas, adding a new and exciting dimension to his work in oil.

Norman Smith`s works are collected worldwide, with his works featuring in collections as far afield as Japan, Germany, Australia and America and he is a member of the Pastel Society.