"Without formal training I have had the luxury of not knowing what was right or wrong. After some searching, I began to find a path that suited me. Using different surfaces to paint on other than canvas became a theme.

I spent the first 10 years of my painting career in London, painting on a variety of different surfaces, notably on wood (including old school desks, doors and floor boards). These materials have lent themselves to the overall themes of my work and have helped to tell their stories.

More recently, I have returned to canvas and painted a series of rodeo paintings, inspired by some of my childhood spent in Texas. In parallel to this, I am completing a series of racehorse paintings after spending time with a trainer in Newmarket. By using the texture of the paint to give the subjects a feeling of movement I want the viewer to have a sense that the paintings are not static and are almost about to move before their eyes."

2010 - Group Exhibition - Down To Art gallery, Belgium
2010 - Art London- Art Fair
2011 - "The Minotaur" Old VicTunnels, Lazarides
2012 - Solo Exhibition – "Everyday's A School Day",Lazarides
2012 - "Bedlam" Old Vic Tunnels, Lazarides -
2013 - Solo Exhibition –- "Behind Closed Doors", Lazarides
2013 - "Brutal" Pop-up, 180 The Strand, Lazarides
2014 - Art14 London, The Outsiders Stand, London
2015 - Solo Exhibition – "I see you see." Lazarides Gallery
2016 - Group Exhibition – "Still here – A Decade of Lazarides"

Museum work
Copelouzos museum (Greece)

Michael Burns (Founder ofLionsgate Films)
Maryam Eisler (Head of Tate Acquisitions, MiddleEast)
Jared Leto (Hollywood Actor)
Marsha Williams (Robin Williams' widow)
Stephen and Assia Webster (Jewelers)
Siobhan Loughran (Socialite)
Lars Christensen (Swiss bank owner)