Pierre Yermia

Artist Biography

French sculptor Pierre Yermia lives and works in Paris. Yermia trained in Toulouse and Paris at the School of Fine Art, launching into a career as a full-time artist in 1998. Since 1990 the artist has garnered numerous accolades in both sculpting and wider fine art practice. Yermia has exhibited regularly in France, wider Europe, the UK and worldwide establishing his unmistakably sylised human and animal motifs.

Sculpural Style

Pierre Yermia's sculpture focuses specifically upon human and animal bodies. A palpable tension is struck between the volume of the figure's torso and the fragility of its slender legs. The prominence of Yermia's sculpted trunks are purposefully juxtaposed with slender, tenuous limbs- the artist invites consideration of our own precariousness, endangerment, imbalance, and oppugnancy.

As objects, Yermia's figures are visually arresting, with strong implications of vertical movement and gravity. Exhibiting deft rendering and deep experience by their maker, the sculptures exhibit a handcrafted quality but near machine-like execution. The compositional balance defies a gravitational reality humans know all too well, resulting in delight and awe by audiences encountering Yermia's work.

Elegant and graceful, with a dash of impossibility and dreamlike air, Yermia's sculptures are classic, unique, and highly collectible. Whether 3 meters tall or tabletop size, Yermia's work exploits scale to achieve a monumental effect.

Awards & Distinctions

2016 - City of Charenton's award
2011 - City of Charanton Lion's Club award
2000 - City of Ernée award
1991 - Vermeille medal with honours of the Lutèce Internationale Academy
1990 - Sculpture award, Lauriers Wiso

Exhibiting History

2019 - London, UK - Available at Thompson's Gallery London - 3 Seymour Place, W1H5AZ 

2018 - France - " Sauvages ", Atelier Grognard, Rueil-Malmaison 
2017 - France - "Expressions plurielles", Charenton-le-Pont
2017 - Belgium -  "Intangible", Bruxelles
2017 - France - 10th Biennale of sculpture of Bois-Guilbert, The Garden of Sculptures, Bois-Guilbert Castle
2017 - France - 64ème Salon de Charenton