Robert Kelsey PAI DA MUniv FRSA

Robert Kelsey is one of Scotland's most prominent landscape painters working today. Born in Glasgow in 1949, Robert studied painting at the Glasgow School of Art from 1966-70 under David Donaldson, James Robertson, and Alexander Goudie. Kelsey went on to teach art until 1995, at which point he left education to paint full time. Since then Robert Kelsey has developed a reputation as one of Scotland's finest and in-demand painters, particularly for his stunning coastlines. Kelsey exhibits regularly with Thompson's Gallery, having cemented a relationship over a quarter century ago. Robert Kelsey is one of Thompson's most popular artists, with collectors and admirers in no short supply at the Aldeburgh and London galleries.

Robert Kelsey Style

Robert Kelsey's work is widely recognised for its focus and celebration of the Scottish Islands, rendered with sweeping perspective and a bright joyous palette. The artist has commented on his deep interest in light and its effects, a concept which he explores and articulates through his masterful technique. Kelsey's style is smooth yet full of movement, featuring vast skies arcing over electric blue waters and cool stretches of sandy coast. His palettes are expertly mixed and evenly applied, comprising balanced and pleasing compositions from the Scottish West Coast to sparkling Venetian canals.

Robert Kelsey Artist Statement

""I've painted beaches and seascapes for more than 30 years, but gradually they have become more welcoming, warm and sunny beaches, and so I often paint in tropical and Mediterranean locations as well as in the UK. It's that sort of atmosphere that I am after, preferably with crystal clear turquoise water and stretches of soft sand. I like quiet, remote places, such as in the Hebrides and along the west coast of Scotland...For me, the main interest and challenge of painting lies in capturing the particular translucency and clarity of light in different parts of the world."

Robert Kelsey Honours & Awards

Robert Kelsey has served as an artist member on the councils of the Glasgow Art Club and the Paisley Art Institute, the former awarding the artist a diploma in 1998 for his accomplishments. In 2009 Kelsey was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and his name appears in the 'Scottish Painters 1600-Present' in the 32nd Edition of 'Who's Who in Art'. He also received an Honorary Masters Degree from the University of West Scotland in 2010.
Other honours include acquisition to the collection of His Grace the Duke of Bedford, The Fleming Collection, Credit Lyonnais, Arisaig Partners Asia Ltd., Turnberry Hotel, Enterprise Oil, Taylor Woodrow and Paisley Art Gallery and Museum.