Shelley Thornton is an artist defined by style, colour and a passion to live life to the full.

Having made the beautiful Cornish town of St Ives her home, Thornton brings her bold and colourful abstract painting style to life through a series of inspired collections. Directed by the landscape around her and driven by the feelings, interpretations and stories that run through our day to day world, Shelley's works capture a moment of time, life and colour in a completely unique way. From combining textures to adding emotive song lyrics and colour with linear precision, Shelley's definitive style stands alone.

Her artworks evoke a deep sense of place and the passing of time, and represent a strong melding of the seeming dichotomy of the city vista and the coastal environment.

Her paintings possess a strong command of bold colours, and geometrical, architectural and industrial shapes and structure.

Shelley works predominantly on canvas and boards and likes to sketch out the composition beforehand. There is a preciseness to her approach and, once the foundation of white paint is laid to the surface, she will juggle different media (acrylic, oil, sand, salt, textured paste, clock parts etc), tools (rulers, set squares, compasses) along with decisions on colour, shape, tone and subject matter. She will also choose what words, phrases or quotes, if any, to add.

Artist's Statement

"I moved permanently to Cornwall after the birth of my first child because of the jaw-dropping quality and purity of light that it provides. When I paint, I find myself blending images of steel furnaces and coal mines from my northern roots with the contrasting beauty of Cornwall."


Shelley Thornton's work is found in private and corporate collections in Europe and Asia, and she has participated in many solo and group exhibitions. She is a member of the National Acrylic Painters' Association (NAPA) and an Associate of the Penwith Society of Artists.