Teresa Lawler studied Fine Art at Northumbria University and at the Slade Postgraduate School, University College London. She then joined the BBC design department and subsequently worked both as a designer/art director in television and theatre and as an academic in the UK, Singapore and Australia. During this time she consistently produced paintings, drawings and installations which were widely exhibited. Painting is now her main focus working in water based media and oil.

She was awarded the Winsor and Newton prize for the group of paintings shown as a candidate at the RI 209th exhibition (2021) and was elected a member the same year.

Artist statement:

Past time spent as a designer in television and theatre has strongly influenced the painting and drawing that I now focus on. Screen imagery is frequently referenced, both in terms of creating scenic,architectural structures and in the use of deeply contrasting lighting and intense colour to create a dramatic effect. Connected to this is an interest in paintings from the past that display a fascination for the kind of lighting that is a forerunner of film lighting today, in which subjects emerge from dark, evocative backgrounds.

'On the far edge of the city' series :

My most recent work looks at that space where the city meets the country - where nature connects with the built environment. I am interested in how buildings insert themselves into the landscape and also in the drama this collision can create by combining invented,classical landscapes with contrasting stylised architectural forms. Although the figure is now largely absent from my work a human presence is often suggested not just by buildings but also by the glow of light in a window.

I started this series at the beginning of 2020 however this work has now taken on a new meaning. All the paintings deal with the issues/ elements mentioned above - however the houses perched on invented hillsides outside the city have become 'havens' for me as they seem now to represent safe and peaceful places of refuge.