Tony de Wolf

Tony de Wolf continues to have a fresh approach in his presentation and selection of subjects. His compositions shows great technical skill and he uses it to create contemporary hyperrealistic still lifes fit for the twenty-first century. 

Artist Biography

Belgian artist Tony de Wolf is considered a modern master of still life painting. With a background of seven years' training in Antwerp at the Academy of Fine Arts, de Wolf brings a fresh perspective to the tradition of Flemish still lifes. Tony de Wolf completed his tutelage under the guidance of Willem Dolphyn, internationally renowned still life painter. Bringing his practice forward to the 21st century, de Wolf won plaudits for his incorporation of modern, reflective surfaces in his arrangements and complexly orchestrated compositions.

Painting Style

Tony de Wolf brings a certain coolness to his still life paintings, echoing the mood of Morandi's arrangements, of whom the artist is a longstanding admirer. De Wolf also pays sufficient homage to the seventeenth century Dutch masters, with a painstaking eye for detail and commitment to perfection. The artist constantly changes perspective and composition from painting to painting, a reminder of his zeal for new challenges. With each body of work produced, de Wolf further cements himself as a leader and innovator in the still life concentration.

Exhibiting History

Thompson's Gallery has proudly represented Tony de Wolf in London for over a decade. A consistently popular fixture in both the Aldeburgh and London locations, de Wolf garners much attention from press and collectors alike with each new body of paintings. Thompson's stock the latest and highest quality still life's directly from the de Wolf studio in Belgium.