Tracey Hunter was born in Northumberland in 1973 and spent most of her childhood in the North East of England. From a very early age, she demonstrated a natural ability to draw and paint. She excelled in art-related subjects, always earning top grades throughout school and college.

Hunter has painted professionally for 18 years. It is a passion inspired by the mood and light of the environment that surrounds her in Cornwall. For a number of years, her work would be painted in more of a traditional manner, which she continues to do today. While she still enjoys painting in this style, she found the urge to explore and experiment further.

For the past 12 years, Hunter's work has evolved and to take on more of a semi-abstract role inspired by Cubism. She has studied the styles and theories of Braque and Picasso, especially their rejection of art copying nature, and from these synthesised her own style to suit her own environment. She produces  work in many media but prefers acrylics or oils for their strength of colour and versatility in a limited palette. Hunter's subject matter spans land and seascapes to architecture and figurative compositions. 

Hunter's paintings have been sold internationally and may be found in many private collections in the UK and abroad.