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Emma Williams

23 July 2022 - 7 August 2022


Born in 1968, Emma trained in textile design at Huddersfield University. Between 1994 and 1998, she worked as a freelance textile designer and artist.

Colour and decorative qualities combine with flattened perspective to play an essential role in creating rich and complex pictures with a distinctive style.

"My paintings are textured and always vivid - evoking memories of a time space and mood. Many visits to Cornwall have been a constant source of inspiration, influencing my particular approach to interiors and landscapes."

‘Emma's time spent studying printed textile design at Huddersfield University is strongly evident in her paintings, using flat perspective and bold colour with dramatic effect.

The still life style shines out strong, vibrant and glorious, bringing a contemporary vision to a grand old artistic tradition. Demand for her work is steadily increasing and Emma Williams is now one of the most sought after painters working in Britain’ - The Knutsford Times

Helen Tabor

13 August 2022 - 28 August 2022


Helen Tabor has lived in the Scottish Borders for the past fifteen years with her partner and three children. Her paintings are very much inspired by her surroundings, in particular the rural Scottish Borders countryside, and the soft seascapes of south west Scotland.

Whilst the figure paintings are more defined and linear, her landscapes are expressive and abstract but both styles hold something more enigmatic – a vagueness perhaps which takes you into the world of imagination.

Born in Middlesex in 1960, Helen Tabor graduated with English and History at the University of York in 1981. A self-taught artist, Tabor drew her inspiration from Chagall and Picasso. Since 1986, she has successfully exhibited in numerous galleries both North and South of the border, including RSA and SAAC Royal Academy in Edinburgh. Helen’s work can be found in private collections both here and abroad.