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Emma Williams: A Sense of Place

23 July 2022 - 7 August 2022


'A Sense of Place'

This body of work celebrates her love of the three locations Aldeburgh, St Ives and the South France all which hold and emotional connection and provide ample inspiration for her work.

Aldeburgh is a painters dream with its immense skies dwarfing the sugared almond coloured houses that line the pebble beach. The look out towers proudly stand sentinel and the boats lay catawampus along the shore enhancing its picturesque charm.

"St Ives has been a constant source of inspiration, influencing my particular approach to interiors and landscapes, which detail the pretty colours and shapes of life on the West Coast.

The South of France looking out over the rooftops with views to the Mediterranean will never disappoint. Colourful houses adorned with bright shutters create a picture perfect view that never fails to inspire me. The heady aroma of Jasmin and the sight of lush lemon trees on my way to the market to buy flowers and fruit makes me excited at the prospect of arranging my next still life.

I have always been slightly obsessed by pottery and jugs I have been painting them since I did my art foundation course many years ago. I love the personality that  they give a painting and the memory’s that certain ceramics can evoke in the viewer. I’ve often painted a treasured vase containing favourite flowers on request."

Ceramic pots are little jewels that create a story within a painting.

Peter Wileman PPROI RSMA FRSA: The Memory Remains

2 July 2022 - 17 July 2022


The body of work titled 'The Memory Remains' reflects looking back fondly over the last couple of years and putting down on canvas both in line and colour almost as a diary, recollections of my favourite venues that bring back wonderful memories.

For me, painting is as much a part of the day as eating and sleeping - in fact, it’s more important than that, more like breathing!'

From an early morning walk kicking off the day to the last frenzied flourish of brushes before throwing in the towel for the day I am totally absorbed in my work, any distraction frowned upon!

My painting is impulsive, hovering on the edge of romantic tradition, with moments of semi abstraction weaving their presence into my work. Coupled with an exaggerated burst of energetic light I try to purvey a sense of re-birth, something I try to show in all my work.

Painting is like playing chess, don’t sit back and give up because you find yourself in ‘check’. Sit back, take stock and gather your thoughts before working out your next move.

Be prepared and open to changing your original ideas of where you want your painting to go in other words, follow your instincts.

To sum up, I am drawn to the light like a moth to the flame, and although I have tried to express myself through my work over the years in many forms and styles, my path has led me inexorably, like many before, to try and grasp that elusive quality of light, the passing of a day, the birth of a new one, the struggle for ‘perfection’.

- Peter Wileman

40th Annual Exhibition 2022

4 June 2022 - 26 June 2022


The largest of the galleries' exhibitions, the Annual Exhibition features Modern British and contemporary artists, some new, some regulars, some returning faces and some we just can't not include!

The Pastel Society

16 April 2022 - 8 May 2022


The Pastel Society UK is a registered charity and is recognised for promoting and encouraging the use of pastels within the contemporary art world. Founded in London in 1898 it started with 77 members and among founding members, past members and exhibitors are such names as Sickert, Whistler, Degas, Rodin, Dame Laura Knight, Dame Paula Rego, Tom Phillips and Gillian Ayres. The exhibition will showcase works created in pastel, pencil, chalk and charcoal and reflects that the diverse nature of the dry medium is limitless. The elected Members of The Pastel Society chosen to be part of this wonderful exhibition all share a passion for working in dry media and we feel working in pastel promotes a particularly aesthetic approach.

Josef Herman OBE RA (1911-2000)

19 March 2022 - 3 April 2022


Thompson’s Gallery, Aldeburgh are excited to announce an exhibition of works by the Polish Jewish artist Josef Herman. The entire collection of watercolours, ink washes, pencil drawings and lithographs have been in a private collection which has been accumulated over many years and is now being sold through Thompson’s Gallery. Josef Herman’s work often depicted workers as its subject and was inherently political and living and painting as he was in the heart of the South Wales mining community, he soon embraced and produced work with subjects that so many could relate to; miners at the coal face, farm folk, harvesters, mothers and their children, simple landscapes and even nudes and still lifes.

There are examples of all of these subjects in this collection and represent the simplicity which Herman communicated of the working classes. We are showing samples of the iconic miners as well as the sketch of the women of Greenham Common which show Herman’s commitment to painting politically evocative subjects.