James Fullarton - Artist Profile

For nearly two decades we at Thompson's Gallery have exhibited paintings by celebrated Modern Scottish Colourist James Fullarton. He studied in the 1960's at the Glasgow School of Art under acclaimed artist David Donaldson whose own work 'exhibited energy and joy' that is an undeniable influence on Fullarton. Donaldson was not the only celebrated artist teaching during this time as Alexander (Sandy) Goudie, who the Scottish Herald referred to as 'one of the best-known and most talented painters to have graced the Scottish art scene in decades' was a tutor. Under such influence it is clear that James Fullarton would and has followed in his own large footsteps. Fullarton has regularly exhibited with the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Art. He exhibits widely across the country and he is regarded as one of Scotland's Leading contemporary Scottish artists.

Artist Statement:

"I was lucky enough to get into Glasgow School of Art at the right time. In the min sixties the Painting school was run by quality artists such as Alexander Goudie, Jimmy Robertson, John Cunningham, Duncan Shanks and of course David Donaldson. It was hard not to be moved by these painter's"

Gallery Statement

"We regard James as one on the exciting artists we have the pleasure of dealing with. His vibrancy and understanding of colour transcends him to be one of Scotland's leading contemporary artists."

Thompson's Gallery

Artist Style

James Fullarton has a love for rich colours and bright light. His home, Ayrshire is celebrated as he records cows on the horizon, or picked flowers from the garden with broad brush strokes and palette knife. He paints with oil and acrylic paint that's power and energy propels of the canvas.