About Lewis Hazelwood-Horner

London-based painter Lewis Hazelwood-Horner's work is concerned with the craft of the artist's practice. The paint is generously applied to the canvas but in using the primed surface as a pallet, little is left to waste. This results into thick textured paintings. He has approached the theme of London based crafts with bravura, showing key influences from 20th century painters like Sorolla and Zorn.
He was honoured to be awarded the prestigious Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2016 and the Visitors Choice Award with the painting Salt in Tea. This painting was then exhibited at the Palazzo di Strozzi in Florence, Italy alongside Picasso and Kandinsky amongst others.
As part of the prize he presented a solo exhibition centred around Beer and Guns at the Mall Galleries.
Most recently Lewis joined the committee of the Royal Society of British Artists as one of the youngest members to be awarded membership to date.

Awards & Grants
2017 Highly Commended De Laszlo Medal for Excellence to be awarded to an artist under 35 for the best work from life
2017 Member of the Royal Society of British Artists
2016 Columbia Threadneedle Prize & Visitors Choice Award
2015 Jameson Work Bursary
2011 The Marianne VonWerther Memorial Award/Rome Scholarship
2010 Scholarship from the Royal Society of British Artists
2009 The Jack Petchy Award for contribution of art to London Borough of Barnet

2012 London Atelier of Representational Art
2010 Byam Shaw school of Art