Artist Statement

Living and seeing is both Paul's job and his art. Painting each day confronts him with the opportunity to get it right. It's a shifting ground until the qualities of colour and form arrive at a point of stillness, and the dictates of the painting are moved through to make a finished statement - everything considered, like a jigsaw puzzle.

Biographical Details

Completed Foundation and DIP A.D. (Degree) in Fine Art at Bournville College of Arts in the early 1960's and gained his Master's at the RA in London.
Moved to Sheffield in 1965; lectured in Fine Art at Sheffield Polytechnic, which was renamed Sheffield Hallam University, for over 30 years.
Postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools
Since 1997 he has been living between London and Sheffield whilst painting full-time and delivering workshops and courses on painting and drawing throughout the UK
Paul is the resident curator of artworks for the Blue Moon Cafe and gallery in Sheffield.
In 2011 Paul was elected a Member of the New English Art Club