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Helen Tabor, Inside Out

10 August 2019 - 6 September 2019


Thompson’s Gallery in Aldeburgh is holding an eagerly awaited solo exhibition by the celebrated Scottish artist Helen Tabor. Helen’s wonderfully ethereal oil paintings of both people and landscapes have made her one of our most successful contemporary artists. For this particular solo exhibiton, Helen has explored how similar painting is to gardening, a colour combination, a composition, a feeling - takes on a life of its own and is guided by a force quite out of the artist’s control. She has to be patient and calmly trust that the decisions she makes will lead to something interesting and pleasing. The inspiration for the work in this exhibition has come from a variety of sources. Helen’s life in the countryside surrounded by trees, birdsong and animals, her garden and landscapes of the area around where she lives and seascapes of the wild and beautiful Western Isles of Scotland. Another unexpected area of inspiration has come from an interest in people of the far north who live close to the Arctic circle and Finland. The title for this exhibition ‘Inside out’ seems appropriate, referring partly to the recurring image in certain paintings of looking out or in through a window and partly to the combination of landscapes, seascapes and interiors in her work. More significantly though, it alludes to the idea of a painting beginning in the mind’s eye of the artist, like a seed or bulb and gradually emerging, taking on unexpected and wonderful shapes and turns as it develops its own identity.

Luci Maclaren: Momentum

5 September 2019 - 14 September 2019


A solo exhibition of exciting new paintings by Luci Maclaren, including celebratory depictions of polo, rugby, shooting, hiking, ski, and other classic British pastimes. The exhibition will take place at Thompson's London, 3 Seymour Place, 5th - 14th September.

Contact the gallery to register interest.

Autumn Exhibition 2019: London

19 September 2019 - 5 October 2019


The annual tradition of the Autumn Exhibition returns to Thompson's London for 2019. Featuring all new painting and sculpture by a large range of popular artists, audiences will delight in an array of new and established talent.

On show from 19th September to 5th October at Thompson's London, 3 Seymour Place. Contact the gallery to register interest.

Tony de Wolf

10 October 2019 - 26 October 2019


Belgian still life master Tony de Wolf presents a new body of paintings at Thompson's Gallery London. Mesmerizing hyperreal still life compositions will include a vast array of fruit, china, glassware and more. On show from 10th - 26th October at Thompson's London, 3 Seymour Place.

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Matthew Alexander

30 October 2019 - 16 November 2019


Established British landscape painter Matthew Alexander will unveil a new body of work at Thompson's Gallery London from 30th October to 16th November 2019. This new show will feature cityscapes and landscapes from London to the French countryside and beyond.

Contact the gallery to register interest.

Jo Taylor

21 November 2019 - 7 December 2019


British artist Jo Taylor presents a new exhibition of work featuring popular subjects such as horses, birds of prey, deer, bulls, and more wildlife. On show at Thompson's London from 21st November - 7th December 2019.

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