Art Consultancy Services

We work closely with clients and interior designers to find the best artworks for you and your home. Be it for investment, decoration, a gift or a larger scale project, our skilled staff have always been available to help and advise clients on their collections.
With our new Consultancy Plan, we are happy to create a specific plan for your individual requirements based on your taste and preferences.
This bespoke service will take into account your interior design and personal taste with a budget to suit your lifestyle. We offer onsite visits and together with our breadth of knowledge of the works of art available not only in our own collection but the wider spectrum, clients can expect an enjoyable and enlightening experience of today's art world and the joy of buying original works of art. Whether it is in the Auction Houses or the studios of artists, we aim to help you collect paintings and sculptures to enhance your environment and give you an insight into their creation.