Jo Taylor's smaller works- a closer look


Published: 17 November 2017

In the final days of Jo Taylor's London solo exhibition 'Upon the Wind and Waves', there's time to take a closer look at the smaller features in the artist's show. Smaller in size but certainly not in impact, Taylor's action-filled vignettes are teeming with colour and brilliant ink passages. 

Pictured above: 'Movement; 3 of 5'  Drawing on paper £950 

The artist manages to convey a great deal of information without touching her pen too much to paper. The result is a free, spirited drawing with each frame containing a different captured movement.

Pictured above: 'Movement, 1 of 5'  Drawing on paper  £950

Pictured above: 'Movement, 2 of 5' Drawing on paper £950 (sold)

A few other drawings are simply black and white, with the figure floating at the central focal point. 

Above: 'Racing'  Ink on paper  £950

Above: 'Perch'  Ink on paper  £950

Jo Taylor's small drawings are available to view alongside her large-scale works until 25th November in our London location - Thompson's Gallery, 3 Seymour Place, W1H 5AZ (closest station, Marble Arch).

Contact us by phone +44(0)207 935 3595 or email with any interest or questions.