Published: 25 January 2021

From time to time we get asked how to hang paintings in contemporary domestic and comercial settings and are there any systems we recomend or any tips we may have.

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Picture Hanging System Professional Tips

If you want to hang art pieces in your home or office, especially in case of multiple expensive artworks, a hanging system is what you need. Pictures and art pieces are one of the easiest ways to add more character to any room or office.
But hanging pictures is in itself an art. And as you might know, it is better to let professionals handle such jobs. But if you're considering a picture hanging system, there are a few things you should know. Take a look-

1. Select the Right Hanging System
There are now many different types of hanging systems available. Standard hanging systems, tensioned hanging systems, and suspension hanging systems are among the most popular choices. But not every type of picture or art piece is ideal for every hanging system.

If you're looking for a hanging system, ensure that you select one that best suits your art pieces and purpose. You can consult professional art hanging service providers to make the right selection.

2. Examine the Hardware of Your Hanging SystemMultiple hardware pieces make up a hanging system. Some of the top brands now offer an extensive range of hanging system hardware. The right hardware for your picture will depend on its weight and size. For instance, hook tabs are ideal for lighter pictures, but you'll need a wire system for heavier or larger pieces.The hardware you select will have a considerable impact on the overall appearance of the art piece and its safety. So, ensure that you only purchase quality hardware after due consultation with the experts.

3. Have the Required Tools
If you don't already have tools like hammer, nails, power drill, screws, and screwdriver, you'll either have to purchase or rent them. If you'll be regularly using a picture hanging system, it is always better to have your own tools. But if you don't have any experience of hanging pictures, it is better to hire professional picture hanging services.
The professionals will have the right tools and even the knowledge and expertise to provide the best results. Using such tools without adequate knowledge can result in injuries or might damage the picture or wall.

Picture Hanging Done Right
If you're looking for ways to enhance your home or office's interiors, hanging art pieces are sure to provide excellent results. You can always browse the internet for some great suggestions. You can check out this SwankyDen post for some fantastic ideas.

Also, keep these tips in mind and consider professional picture hanging services to get the best results.