Published: 5 July 2017

The garden at Thompson's London is quickly taking shape, with new sculptures populating the space each day. This week we are pleased to present a new torso by British sculptor Simon Bacon, titled 'Becoming'. Situated in a leafy corner of the outdoor area, this gorgeously patinated bronze contains a brilliantly textured 'reverse' side, contrasting strongly against a smoother dorsal imprint facing outward.

Bacon's work presents dichotomous structures which equally reference the human anatomy and abstracted, organic forms. The sculptor has spent years experimenting with and refining his casting technique, allowing him to control his developing sculptures to a point of strong representational detail before allowing the natural behavior of hot liquified metal to take over the final phases. This detailed side view of 'Becoming' exhibits the balance between figuration and abstraction which Bacon has managed to perfect in his work. The implications of a tree branch can be seen sprawling upward toward the top of the torso:

Bacon's new bronze precedes the arrival of Paul Vanstone's marble 'Forest Torso', scheduled for installation this Friday. Be sure to visit our London gallery this season to take in these marvellous works in person. An extra incentive awaits visitors in our latest solo exhibition by Scottish painter Michael G Clark PAI RSW. Titled 'A Sense of Place', Clark's latest body of paintings tours audiences through his favourite places in Paris and South West France. The exhibition opens tomorrow, Thursday 6th July and concludes on the 22nd of this month.