Published: 20 January 2022

Hanging paintings is a strange art.

A wall that is perfect for one will leave another cold. Do you hang one artists works together so you can compare and contrast, mix them up with contrasting works, sometimes to harmonise, another to jar and unstettle they eye, to make you look at each as an individual work,

Other times we may hang complimentary colours or a selection of Scottish artists or perhaps a group of Modern British, or RA's or NEAC members

A mass wall of small paintings where none stands out on its own,  makes for an interesting motif that needs to be studdied, just as one painting, alone on a large wall, gives it importance, room to breath and to say here I am, on my own, I am important.

Either way, it doesnt just happen, its thought about, considered, put up taken down, sometimes it just flows. other days it just wont happen, walk away come the problem is obvious.

But sometiems, just sometimes, its all just about cuffs, eyebrows and chickens. And it works.