Published: 2 July 2022

In preparation for her upcoming solo exhibition at Thompson's Gallery London, local artist Stephanie Campos is undertaking the final and largest painting in the series, using the White Box at Nobu Hotel London Portman Square as a "living studio" for three weeks. Passersby on Upper Berkeley Street may find her at work inside the White Box, where the canvas rests on an easel in the middle of the space, the centrepiece of a menagerie of brushes, paints, and palettes.

Campos's prodigious painting talents captured the attention of Dame Phyllida Barlow in the 2020 RA Young Artist of the Year Awards. Her approach is innovative and autobiographical. Often drawing upon photographs, vignettes, and memories for inspiration, she first renders each composition on her mobile tablet in painstaking detail, then uses brushes and oils to "transpose" it onto the canvas. From this fascinating synthesis of sophisticated contemporary technology with the age-old practice of oil painting comes a deeply meaningful and compelling body of work soon on view at Thompson's Gallery London.