Published: 31 March 2022

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?

Like a film star in a restaurant, you know your every move is being watched and analysed. Not that I can really talk from experience, my film career ended when I turned down a part in 'Tales of the Unexpected" at least my better half made the big screen, she was in a film with Harvey Keitel and Thandiwe Newton!

You can get that film star feeling right now in one of our rooms in Aldeburgh, every painting has figures as its main subject or is made up of them. They are the main subject or an inocent bystander, but they are watching you, even if you dont catch them observing your every move.

From Jennifer Anderson, with her subjcts holding your gaze, or quickly looking away as if they didnt want to be caught watching, I am sure the Carol Peace sculpture follows you round the room only to be looking straight ahead again if you glance back. Rachel Shaw Ashton's handcut paper works are all made up of masses of tiny people, even the foliage of the trees is a mass of bodies and Neil Cuthbert's gaurds seem to deliberatly avert their eyes as if embarresed to have been caught looking! Helen Tabor's Snowgirl looks you straight in the eye, she's not backing down.


Meanwhile Lewis Hazlewood Horner's drinker are off, they have seen enough, Queen Victoria by Paul Wright, well, she is not amused!