Published: 19 August 2017

We are thrilled to return to this year's Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park, running from the 19th to 22nd of October. The Thompson's stand will exhibit all new, unseen paintings and sculpture from a selected pool of Thompson's artists. 

This year's exhibitors include: Andrew Squire, Cate Inglis, Douglas Gray, Louis Laprise, Matthew Alexander, Max Tannahill, Stephen Lawler and Terence Clarke.

The most recent instalment proved a positive and exciting experience for the gallery, with French-Canadian abstract phenom Louis Laprise causing quite a splash on the stand, along with standout new works from Carl Melegari, Harry Brioche, and Ian Weatherhead. OwnArt prepared a fantastic fair tour program for visitors interested in tips on beginning, building or expanding their own collections. The Thompson's stand was included on last year's OwnArt tour route, and Megan Thompson gave a great impromptu talk covering the gallery's history, stable, and even fielded a few questions at the conclusion.

We look forward to another terrific instalment of the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea series. For more information on the fair itself,