Ben Lowe (British b. 1976)

After years in London Ben Lowe now resides in rural Gloucestershire with his family.

Ben explores the arts by living it. He finds inspiration in daily life and his love for art started in his childhood where he would find himself stretching and painting canvasses rather than playing with computer like his contemporaries.
He often refers to a particular memory that opened his eyes to what art could be. He visited the Tate where he saw a Mark Rothko exhibition that blew him away. Before this moment he was only exposed to watercolours and the impressionistic style, so these large canvases that boasted simple form and colour changed his approach dramatically. Ben Lowe uses colour gently and likes to stick near to the black and white tones to produce his pictures that are full of presence.

Ben Lowe Artist Statement:
"I find art in everything that surrounds us: weeding out those little moments that tug at the art strings and giving them a physical presence"

Ben Lowe Artistic Style
Bold and beautiful. A palette that appears muted, but after consideration explodes with subtle and purposed application.