Ollie Le Brocq British, b. 1972


Born 1972 in Jersey, Ollie Le Brocq later moved to England, and in 2009 settled on the Suffolk Heritage Coast. He studied Design at art college, and later Industrial Design at degree level, with the University of Hertfordshire. He has practiced as a professional digital artist and animator for over 20 years.


In 2012 Ollie started painting as an antidote to his everyday digital animation work, allowing him to escape the constraints of client projects and deadlines. His painting practice centres around still life, representations of people, street scenes, and interiors. "My main motivations are to capture the light and a sense of movement, while attempting to convey an ephemeral moment of interest."


Through critical observation he strives to convey a sense of light, and the effect it has on the subject, in all its temporal nature of shifting tone and colour. His often disintegrated style was born partly out of frustration - painting is difficult - and as a result pictorial elements are often destroyed and broken. "I'm quite happy to break things apart and start again if I feel the painting isn't working, later rebuilding and incorporating aspects of the previous 'failure'." In this way of working, he aims to achieve a result that is relevant to the way we perceive the world. Human vision and memory are not perfect.


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