We buy and sell Modern British Artworks.

Our extensive range of sculpture varies in medium from marble, onyx, glass, wood, bronze, steel and much more, with sizes and configurations to suit all tastes. Read more Within a group of talented sculptors are those influenced by the organic and natural motifs of Barbara Hepworth, the drama of Epstein's hewed figures, and the longstanding Classical legacy of smooth idealized forms. Our staff are equipped to advise on installation, conservation, and editions, as well as answer any questions about a particular medium or process.

Simon Bacon
John Brown
Chris Buck - Member, Penwith Society of Arts
Richard Chapman
John Clark
Gus Farnes
Tom Greenshields (1915 - 1994)
Richard Holliday
Angela Hunter
Sue Jones
Shona Kinloch RGI MRSS
Simon Manby DA(Edin) MA MAFA PAI
Carol Peace
Giles Penny RWA
Vanessa Pooley FRBS
Anton Smit
Max Tannahill
Jean Tiran
Jim Unsworth
Paul Vanstone
Johannes Von Stumm FRBS