James Fullarton British, b. 1946

For over 20 years, we at Thompson's Gallery have exhibited paintings by celebrated contemporary Scottish Colourist James Fullarton. Fullarton studied in the 1960s at the Glasgow School of Art under acclaimed artist David Donaldson, whose own work 'exhibited energy and joy' that is an undeniable influence on Fullarton. Donaldson was not the only celebrated artist teaching during this time, as Alexander (Sandy) Goudie, who the Scottish Herald referred to as 'one of the best-known and most talented painters to have graced the Scottish art scene in decades' was a tutor. Under such influence, it became clear that James Fullarton would and has followed in his own large footsteps.
Painting Style
Always finding inspiration from life, Fullarton brings his bountiful palette and expressive strokes to every surface, articulating a kaleidoscope of colours in leaves, branches, sheds. He is uncompromising in his standard of work and always individual in both thought and practice, famed for a powerful style of skilled fluid brushwork, strong colour and broad palette.
Fullarton’s prominent brushstrokes and brilliant eye for colour, often see him described as a modern-day Colourist.
Exhibitions & Awards
Alongside biannual features with Thompson’s Galleries, James Fullarton is a regular exhibitor at the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, has shown at the Royal Scottish Academy, lectured for the Scottish Arts Council, and won several prizes including the David Cargil and Britoil Awards.

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