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Peter Wileman PPROI RSMA FRSA 'The Memory Remains'

2 July 2022 - 17 July 2022


The body of work titled 'The Memory Remains' reflects looking back fondly over the last couple of years and putting down on canvas both in line and colour almost as a diary, recollections of my favourite venues that bring back wonderful memories.

For me, painting is as much a part of the day as eating and sleeping - in fact, it’s more important than that, more like breathing!'

From an early morning walk kicking off the day to the last frenzied flourish of brushes before throwing in the towel for the day I am totally absorbed in my work, any distraction frowned upon!

My painting is impulsive, hovering on the edge of romantic tradition, with moments of semi abstraction weaving their presence into my work. Coupled with an exaggerated burst of energetic light I try to purvey a sense of re-birth, something I try to show in all my work.

Painting is like playing chess, don’t sit back and give up because you find yourself in ‘check’. Sit back, take stock and gather your thoughts before working out your next move.

Be prepared and open to changing your original ideas of where you want your painting to go in other words, follow your instincts.

To sum up, I am drawn to the light like a moth to the flame, and although I have tried to express myself through my work over the years in many forms and styles, my path has led me inexorably, like many before, to try and grasp that elusive quality of light, the passing of a day, the birth of a new one, the struggle for ‘perfection’.

- Peter Wileman

On Paper

25 June 2022 - 17 July 2022


A mixed exhibition featuring contemporary artists united by the use of paper forming the basis of their works.

Typically the starting point and medium for many artists, paper can be a way to not only generate ideas, but become the work itself; a versatile, humble material with many possibilities.

This focussed show presents different perspectives and subject matter - animals, still life, depictions of landscapes and curious figures, made up of hundreds of meticulously hand cut paper forms - much more than meets the eye, combining traditional and experimental approaches such as drawing and collage.

Register interest or request information - harpenden@thompsonsgallery.co.uk

Cornish Perspectives: Contemporary Art from the Peninsula

8 June 2022 - 2 July 2022


A new group exhibition makes its way to London, celebrating the brilliance of Cornwall's robust creative community. New paintings & sculpture unveiled by names known and new to Thompson's London. From 8 June - 2 July 2022, at 3 Seymour Place.

Register interest or request information - enquiries@thompsonsgallery.co.uk