Richard Dack RSMA EAGMA

British contemporary artist Dack, studied modern British art painting and printmaking at Camberwell School of Art. For many years Richard combined painting with a successful career teaching art in Cambridgeshire and later in Devon.

Dack was born on the east coast, and Dack's familiarity with the maritime enviroment has provided a recurrent theme in his paintings, mostly in oils on canvas and later, after a move to Devon and subsequent discovery of dartmoor, led to a large body of work on paper. Richard left teaching art in1997. Pursuing maritime subjects takes Dack to many coastal locations, but it is invariably the quality of light that provides the major focus in his contemporary paintings.

Dack's paintings have won many British art awards including : the Mariners Award for Modern Art and The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights Art Award at the Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition in 1998 and again in 2005.Dack also won the 1999 Ariel Open Modrn art Painting competition in Totnes. dack is a member of the Royal West of England Art academy in Bristol and is currenly the Hon. Secretary of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and Chairman of the East Anglian Group of Marine Artists. In 2010 he was the winner of the Sea Pictures Gallery 'Working Relationship with the Sea' prize, awarded at the RSMA Annual Exhibition.

Richard grew up in Lowestoft when it was a flourishing port, with a bustling fish market and busy shipyards. This rich enviroment provide the subject matter for his first serious adventures into painting while at scholl, and this attraction to the industrial aspects of the maritime world played a large part in his eventual emergence as a marine artist, and remains with him to this day. He is also to be found working along estuaries and coastlines at various locations from the rugged shores of the southwest to the wide open spaces of North Norfolk.In these situations light is frequently the focus of his work, and he is especially fond of the delicate and transient quality of light that is so characteristic of the east coast. Dack now lives in suffolk.