Athena Anastasiou (b. 1986) integrates woven textiles to extend the canvas beyond its boundaries. The effect is not only enticingly tactile, but imbues the painted composition with a dripping cascade.

"I am exploring my own personal mythology that speaks about identity and the core concerns of human existence.

Some of the questions I ask through my work are, where do we come from, why is our planet and wellbeing so out of balance? Defaulting to fear and frustration rather than love and creation and how it is our responsibility individually to shift that. The aesthetic framework that I use is one of mythology; portraying a feeling of magic, illustrating a life lesson, and sometimes featuring mystical creatures. I like to add a sense of lightheartedness using an almost childlike expression as if they are large scale sketches. Through layers of color, texture, and juxtaposition of mythological drawings I aim to provoke freedom from the left brain thinking to obtain a connection to nature and intuition through an open mind." - Athena Anastasiou